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Chrome Extension Tool

The Adnami Chrome Extension Tool can be used to preview our formats on certified websites

Get Started Guide


Download the extension


Go to the website you want to preview our formats on


Check if the website has our macro implemented by pressing the “Macro Status” button in the menu

It is not guaranteed to be possible to preview our formats if the macro is not implemented


Prepare the site to load formats by pressing the “Prepare Page” button in the menu

The ad slots on the page should now be replaced by green boxes


Select a format from the menu

Note: if choosing “auto” for a topscroll format, the format will not be loaded into the page through a specific ad slot located on the site


Load the format at a given position on the page by clicking any of the green boxes created by step 3

How To Use Custom GUIDs

To use custom GUIDS simply enter a valid GUID in the menu’s input-field located in the top

Make sure you do this before clicking the “Auto” button, or clicking a green box

Extension Shortcuts

Prepare page shortcut:

PC (½)
Mac ($)

Macro Implemented shortcut:

PC (CTRL + Shift + ½)
Mac (CTRL + Shift + $)

Disabling The Extension

The extension can be temporarily disabled by clicking the “activated” button located at the bottom of the menu